The Team

Adam Hunter

BMW Technician and Part Owner of Hunter Cuthill.

Adam Hunter started working with BMW s in 1996 after gaining an apprenticeship at the Geelong BMW dealership. He was awarded apprentice of the year in the final year of his apprenticeship before being promoted to workshop foreman by the then BMW dealer Peck & Stokes. After a stint as BMW service advisor Adam then headed to a BMW dealership in the UK to work as a technician.

He returned to Geelong s BMW dealership for a short time before starting Hunter Cuthill with Gordon in 2005.

Gordon Cuthill

Fully Qualified Technician and owner of Hunter Cuthill.

Gordon’s life-long Land Rover & Jaguar passion started in Britain where he grew up and completed his apprenticeship at a Land Rover Jaguar dealership in  Scotland.  In the early 1980’s Gordon moved back to Geelong where he was born and took up employment as head technician at the local Geelong Land Rover Jaguar dealership Peck & Stokes.  After working at Peck & Stokes for more than 20 years as their #1 Land Rover Jaguar technician Gordon decided it was time to start his own independent workshop specialising in these marquee British vehicles. Hunter Cuthill was formed in 2005 where Gordon has continued to hone his skills working on Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles.  He has continued his training to keep abreast of new technologies by completing Autologic brand specific Land Rover and Jaguar training.

Adam Dres

Foreman & Director.

Adam began working at Hunter Cuthill in 2006 making his career goal of becoming a technician that specialises in Land Rover, Jaguar and BMW vehicles a reality.  His passion for these vehicles is clearly evident in that he owns and drives both Land Rover and BMW vehicles.  Under Gordon’s watchful eye Adam has completed his apprenticeship and has flourished into an outstanding technician.  To complement his already extensive training Adam also travelled to the United States to completed Autologic brand specific training on Land Rover, Jaguar and BMW marquees.

Emily Tait

Administration Manager.

Emily started at Hunter Cuthill in 2014 undergoing a Traineeship for Cert III in Business, where she successfully completed her course in 2015 and was offered to stay on at Hunter Cuthill, Emily handles all manner of Hunter Cuthill’s administrative work. Her impressive people skills and initiative make her a highly valued member of the team.

George Eckle

Fully Qualified Technician & Roadworthy Technician.

George began his automotive career in 2010 after starting an engineering course.  He quickly worked out he preferred the hands on side of mechanic and joined the Hunter Cuthill team in 2011.  Under Gordon’s watchful eye working exclusively on Land Rover and BMW vehicles George has developed into an outstanding technician.  George’s passion for the Land Rover and BMW brands has split over into his personal life now driving both Land Rover and BMW vehicles.

Liam Arstall

Fully Qualified Technician.

Liam started his Automotive career at the Geelong Land Rover & Jaguar dealership Rex Gorell. After attending specialist factory training in Sydney on these marquee brands Liam joined the Hunter Cuthill family to further his education and training.  We are very proud of Liam’s progress thus far and are confident that under Gordon and Adam’s watchful eye he will develop into a first-class technician well experienced in Land Rover & Jaguar vehicles.

Coby Smith

Fully Qualified Technician.

Coby jumped at the opportunity to begin a challenging apprenticeship, working with the latest European vehicles. We are very proud of his progress so far and are confident that with careful training and the guidance of our qualified technicians, he will become a first-class technician himself.

Patrick Gerke

Apprentice Technician.

Patrick is a passionate car enthusiast leading him to wanting a career in European vehicle maintenance and repair.  He has a thirst for knowledge and a burning desire to always produce his best.