The Oily Rag – Edition 3

Edition no.3 – November 2011sports74.ruИзготовление устройства электроподогрева автомобил…

Welcome to the third edition of The Oily Rag .


Defender on the Track


Under The Bonnet:

An air bag warning light can appear in the instrument cluster for no obvious reason. The purpose of this red light is to warn you the air bag system has a fault and the air bags may not be deployed in the event of an accident. If you see this light come on and stay on the vehicle will need to be placed on our diagnostic computer to obtain the fault read out from the air bag system. In most cases the fault is triggered by a poor wiring connection in the air bag circuit. Once the faulty circuit is identified we can usually repair the connection and modify it to stop the same fault reoccurring without the need of replacing air bag components.



In the unfortunate event that your vehicle breaks down or requires emergency attention, please call us for support.  We are always available to repair your vehicle with no appointment necessary for emergencies.

After hours contacts: Adam – 0418518129     •     Gordon – 0412867172